Shaping Soulful Art

For Níccolo José, every piece of wood has its own story. He is inspired by the conditions that contributed to their uniqueness. By studying the color, grain, natural forms, strength, and flexibility, he has an intimate relationship with his materials. This attention to detail when crafting the works results in soulful art that he hopes engages people in a multi-sensory manner.

Níccolo creates one-of-a-kind sculptural furniture, large art projects, figurative and abstract sculptures, and unique wood interiors made from sustainably sourced, up-cycled wood.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

2019 February 20 – 23
Art Fair, The Link (PH)

2019 February 23 – March 17
Ouverture, Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea (PH)

2019 March 23 – April 6
Soulful Echoes, Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea (PH)

2019 August 16 – September 4
Force Majeure, Galerie Roberto (PH)

2019 December 7
Duo Show, Galerie Anna (PH)

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