Níccolo José

Níccolo José

Shaping Soulful Art

Níccolo José (b. 1986, PH) is a Filipino visual artist and self-taught woodworker who creates one of a kind sculptural furniture, large art projects, and unique wood interiors crafted from up-cycling reclaimed old wood in order to breathe new life into them, contributing to the art furniture movement of the Philippines while being an advocate for the environment. He earned a double degree in Environmental Studies and Studio Art in Lewis & Clark College (Portland, Oregon). In 2010 he founded his studio and workshop, Studio 10.10.

For Níccolo, every piece of wood has its own story; he gets inspiration from the conditions that contributed to their uniqueness. By studying its color, grain, natural forms, strength, and flexibility, he has an intimate relationship with his materials. This attention to detail when crafting the works results in soulful art that he hopes engages people in a multi-sensory manner.

In addition to his studio, Níccolo is the resident artist for Green Canyon Eco Art Resort where his works reside and his art studio is located.

His works are held in galleries and private collections around Asia, Central America, North America, and Europe.

Selected Exhibitions

RACHIS, sculptural rocking chairs (APEC, 2015)

FLOW, figurative yoga sculptures (Makati, 2015)

REMNANTS, wood mosaic portraits (Makati, 2013)

WONDERLAND, whimsical furniture (Makati, 2012)

CONTRAPPOSTO, sculptural furniture (Makati, 2012)

REWORKS, sculptural furniture (Makati, 2011)