Boundless, Wood & Marble Sculpture, 2017

Níccolo José — Jung Art Collective "The Filipino Soul" Exhibition


The Filipino Soul: Malalim + Mababaw = Makulay,” organized by the Carl Jung Center, features artists tackling the Filipino soul.

2017 June 24-25, 11AM to 8PM
ID Center, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati, Philippines

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Works by Níccolo José —

Boundless, Wood Sculpture on Marble base, 2017 [featured]
Humble Soul, Wood Sculpture on Marble base, 2017
Banig, Wood Rocker, 2017
Soulmates, Wood Lounger, 2017

Inspired by the Mangyan poem Ambahan 237.

Ambahan 237


Mangyan Ambahan 237


At this hour of the dark night
we are still together now
on the woven sleeping-mat.
But when the sun rises soon,
and the stars become detached,
our bond might break up too.
When we’ll ever meet again,
it is not with mortal eyes,
but the eye-sight of the soul.


Sa sandaling karimlan
Kahit kita magtipan
Sa banig na higaan
Pagsikat nitong araw
Talang maghihiwalay;
Buklod nati’y bibigay;
Pagkikita’y daratal
Paningi’y mapawi man
May bagong kaanyuan.