Forest Foundation Philippines — Creation, Conservation, and Communities — BFF Movement — Talk 1 Invite — 2018 July 28

Forest Foundation Philippines — Creation, Conservation, and Communities — BFF Movement — Talk 1 Invite — 2018 July 28

Best Friends of the Forest (BFFs) Níccolo José

Best Friends of the Forest (BFFs) Níccolo José

Creation, Conservation, and Communities

The Forest Foundation Philippines will be having their first-ever #BFFTalks on 2018 July 28. Join Best Friends of the Forest (BFFs) Níccolo José and MUNI Community Group as they lead the discussion on Creation, Conservation, and Communities together with FFP partners from Bambike, Philippine Coffee Alliance, National Museum of the Philippines, and Woven.

Prepare yourself to meet and engage with other BFFs. Bring an open mind and heart for our forests. Lastly, let’s try our best to make it a zero-waste event. See you there!

2018 July 28, Saturday, 2:00 – 5:00 PM
Batala Bar, Makati, Philippines

Forest Foundation Philippines

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The Forest Foundation Philippines is registered with the SEC as Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation, Inc.

The BFF Movement

The Best Friends of the Forest Movement is a community of young and action-oriented environmentalists, travelers, social entrepreneurs and artists who aim to inspire people to be advocates of forest conservation and protection.

The BFF Movement is not an exclusive membership club but a means to organize and inspire millennials to be forest advocates.

Life as a BFF

As Best Friends of the Forest (BFFs), our mission will be to conserve and protect the forests. We will do this through a series of activities, such as tree-growing, learning workshops, expression sessions, general assemblies and even exploring our focal landscapes, such as Palawan and Sierra Madre.

As we continue to face mounting challenges as a consequence of uncontrolled industrialization and development, the actions we take every day will be vital for the future of not just the forests, but also the lives that depend on it (including ours!).

Passion Points

The BFFs live their advocacies and share their passion for the forests every chance they get. This is reflected in all their actions – from their lifestyle, to their livelihoods and even to their hobbies. Through these passion points, they contribute to the conservation and protection of the forests, and inspire new BFFs to help support the cause.

• Conservation

At the heart of every BFF is the passion to conserve and protect the forests. They openly take part in eco-friendly activities, and participate in forest conservation and protection efforts.

• Social Entrepreneurship

The BFFs pursue critical needs and opportunities with their entrepreneurial zeal, bringing together business and advocacy to promote the conservation and protection of the forests.

• Eco Tourism

The BFFs travel with purpose and responsibility. They visit pristine, natural areas with an immense appreciation for the biodiversity and culture of the locale.

• Arts & Culture

The BFFs wholly embody their advocacy and express it through their many talents. They help raise awareness and create new BFFs!

Be Part of the Movement

There are a lot of ways to help conserve and protect the forests. You can do this by helping:

  1. Grow forests. You can participate in tree-growing activities and report incidents of illegal logging and poaching to the proper authorities.
  2. Grow livelihoods. It is important to strike a balance between development and conservation. Using wood meaningfully and responsibly from sustainable sources enables us to meet our current needs, while implementing options to protect our forests for the future generations to meet their own needs. This also enables the continuity of economic opportunities for the forest-dependent communities.
  3. Grow partnerships. We can’t do it all. It’s important to work with other people and groups in this endeavor. You can support other efforts or even organize your own activities to help conserve and protect our forests.
  4. Grow advocates. By simply living the advocacy and sharing your passion for the forests can go along way—you can already help spread awareness and bring new advocates into the fold.

What part will you play to conserve and protect the forests? Take action now with the BFF Movement. For more information, log on to

Be a BFF

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